The Apple Watch, 3 Months In

I’ve been using the Apple Watch for about 3 months now. And I can say for certain that I’m very happy with it.

Apple Watch with Modular watch faceApple Watch with Modular watch face

I mostly use the built-in Watch apps. I have two third-party apps (PCalc and 1Password) installed but I rarely use them. Maybe the interaction between Watch apps and its companion on the iPhone is too slow for actual usage. After next week, we shall see how watchOS 2 will make things better.

So what functionalities of the Watch I use the most.

  1. Time
  2. Notification
  3. Fitness
  4. Message
  5. Siri
  6. Phone call

As you can see, I rarely need third-party apps for my use-case. By the way, I keep forgetting that the Watch has more functions. Remote control for taking photo, for example.

I currently use Modular watch face to give it a try before all the new watch face come out. I just switched to this about a week ago. Before this, I was a big fan of Utility face.

Many people have voice their complain about the Apple Watch. Some of the complains are valid (slow application load time, etc etc). But some people just expect too much from the Watch. This device is not a replacement for the phone. It’s an extension to the phone.


By the way, watchOS 2 comes out tonight.