The Supposedly 12-inch MacBook Air

According to 9to5mac, this is the rendering of the new MacBook Air. It supposed to be 12-inch with new (new) keyboard layout, and way less ports. It will come with only one (new) USB port to be exact. That one USB port will be everything to this future MacBook Air. It will connect to external storage, display, and power. According to this rumor, Magsafe is gone from this new MacBook Air.

My biggest problem with this is the keyboard. Notice the power button? It sits next to the Esc key, on the top left side of the keyboard. That is unacceptable. Esc key supposes to be up there where I can mindlessly hit it without much thought. Power button should not be there. It is wrong in every ways.

This reminds me of the 12-inch PowerBook though. I used to love that form factor.