Combining PDF with Launchbar and Automator

So you have several PDF files (or images should work too) and you want to combine them together into one file. Here’s how I would do it with Launchbar and OS X service.

The Service

First we shall create the service to handle the process. Launch Automator and choose Service as new document type.

Create ServiceCreate Service

Then choose the option for Service to receive selected files or folder from any application.

Service SelectionService Selection

Now search the actions for PDF, select Combine PDF pages and drag it to the workflow pane.

Combine PDFCombine PDF

To make sure the file was created correctly. We will open the combined file with Preview. Search the action for Preview, select Open Images in Preview and drag it to the workflow pane.

Open in PreviewOpen in Preview

Finally, the workflow looks like this.

FInal WorkflowFInal Workflow

We have our workflow. Let’s save it. I called it “Combine PDF Pages”.

The Action

Let’s combine the PDF.

Select the PDF files you want to combine.

Select File in FinderSelect File in Finder

Activate Launchbar by pressing your favorite shortcut. When the dialog show up, press Cmd-G (Get Finder Selection). The dialog will show something like this.

Get Finder SelectionGet Finder Selection

Press Tab to Instand Send, a list of actions will show up. Now you select “Combine PDF Pages” (that action you have created).

Send to ActionSend to Action

While the action is running, a gear will appear in the menu bar. When the action is done, the newly created file with all of the pages will be open in Preview.

Open in PreviewOpen in Preview

Now you might have noticed that the filename is weird. Don’t worry. When you press Cmd-s (Save), Preview will ask for a new filename.

And that’s it. Combining several PDF files into one!