Fix: Print Setting Stuck in Landscape

OK. I have this weird problem with OS X. The print dialog stuck at Custom paper size and Landscape mode. And for some reason, I cannot set it back to A4/Portrait. It keeps reverting back to Custom/Landscape. And this happens in every applications.

Print Dialog Stuck in Landscape ModePrint Dialog Stuck in Landscape Mode

I have been searching for a way to reset this setting for a couple of weeks. Deleting preferences provided little help.

Until today …

I found a posting on Apple discussion board suggesting that default setting could be changed via Page Setup (not the Print dialog). Who would have thought that changing print setting could be done in Page Setup?

Note: Page Setup only available in some applications. TextEdit is a good bet.

In TextEdit, choose Page Setup from File menu.

File > Page SetupFile > Page Setup

Change the setting for Any Printer to the paper size and orientation of your preference.

Change the SettingChange the Setting

Now, the topmost option (Settings), click on it and choose Save as Default. There will be no visual cue. The option will jump back to Page Attributes. Click OK to close the dialog.

Save as DefaultSave as Default

Your setting should be defaulted to whatever you have chosen.

Unstuck SettingUnstuck Setting

This one does not make sense. Default printer setting should be in Print dialog or printer setting in System Preferences.