My Huawei E585 MiFi Review

So the Huawei E585 MiFi has arrived. The unit is slightly bigger than I thought but that does not really matter since I can just turn it on and put it away in the bag until I want to turn it off. Beside the MiFi unit, the box contains a standard 5V USB charger, one long and one short USB cable and a cue-card-style manual.

Initial setup is nothing. Just slide in the SIM card, wait for the unit to connect to the cellular network, connect the device to the newly created WiFi and you are ready to start surfing.

There is a screen in front of the unit that display connection status (data in/out and connection time) and general information (signal strength, cellular network).

E585 comes with web interface so it is very easy to make changes to the unit’s configuration. If you have some experience with setting up a WiFi router, you will have no problem with this one.

Connection speed should depend on the kind of service you have. I am using DTAC EDGE so it is “usable” for most of my routine tasks. I will not be streaming movie through my iPad anyway.

So there goes my quick report on the MiFi. Let’s head back to get some real work done!


It’s been about 3 weeks since I got my hand on the MiFi and I have a bit more detail to add to the review. And since I haven’t posted the actual review yet, so let’s put it here.

DTAC’s EDGE is not really “that usable”! It is very slow. Using it for Twitter or casual Facebook browsing is OK but when it come to sending email with attachments or a little more serious browsing, it fails miserably. (The attachment I usually send is In the range of 4-5MB and up. And I’m comparing this to AIS’s EDGE I’m using on my iPhone. Your experience might be different.)

I don’t have the speed test screen capture but DTAC speed was usually about 10-30 Kbps. Comparing to 40-100 Kbps for AIS.

So I decided to get myself a 3G SIM card. First I thought I’d go for True’s EDGE/WiFi with 3G package. But I checked with Mr. @smartbrain and found out that it only works on 850MHz band which E585 doesn’t support. So I got a SIM from TOT instead. The speed is amazing.

This is faster than my home Internet!

One more thing, the device gets warmer (and warmer?) after a period of usage but I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

One thing I would like, a remote (web interface?) turn off feature. It would be nice to be able to turn the device off when finish using it without having to bring it out from the bag.