My Personal Experience with iPad : Updates & Additions

Regarding page size selection in Pages app (and Numbers too, I suppose), it turns out I did not look hard enough. See that little page curl on the lower right? It reveals the papar size selection.

As for the issue of print, there is an application called Air Sharing HD that allows you to “send” file to and from the iPad via WiFi (web interface).

It can also connect to FTP server, MobileMe, Dropbox and many cloud storage services.

I have no idea what wrong with this one folder on my Dropbox though. I cannot access any file or folder in it. (The white generic icons are folders.)

And lastly, this application can print the document through a share printer in the network! The printer has to be shared from a computer, by the way. It cannot direct connect to a network printer. I suppose it has something to do with printer driver.

However, it would be great if Apple could just add the print to shared printer in the next update of iOS for iPad. * hint hint *

One cool application I always want to have my hands on is Flipboard and I just received the invitation today.

It is an alternative way to live your social-networking life and a good one too. Here is the sample from my Twitter feed.

And last thing I will say to bore you regarding my experience with the iPad is how dirty my fingers are.

My god! This is embarssing. I am going to get the screen protector!

[ And that will be the last of my so-called review of the iPad. Back to work for real. ]