Casual Procrastination

Following the Blackberry (aka BB) trend, I tried several “chat” applications on iPhone, namely Ping!, WhosHere and WhatsApp. All of them seem to work the same way, mimicking Blackberry Messenger application.

For these applications to work efficiently, push notification (will call it PN) has to be activated. As the down side, EDGE cost will definitely sky-rocket and also battery consumption will be significantly higher.

I turned on PN since 8am yesterday, with battery charged to full. By 10pm, the battery was almost gone. My iPhone usually runs for 2.5 days without charging.

I’ll have to check EDGE usage tomorrow and will post an update later.

So for now, I guess BBM still rules when it comes to casual procrastination. :)

Update: EDGE usage data is inconclusive. I’ll turn PN back on and see how thing goes.