No, I’m not talking music here. I’m talking about the ways I often use to get back home. After much trials-n-errors, it’s all come down to 3 choices.


(The yellow dot is the expressway exit. The green dot is the approximate destination.)

I’m not sure about the distance. They all look about the same. But the time difference is quite significant.

Up until recently, I always turned right at the exit and went on the green line, straight back home — almost literally. There’re two major problems though: I was travelling on the main roads and there is an English tutoring place on the way (somewhere in front of “15” on the map). So on a good day, I could get to the green dot within 15-20 minutes. But the “low traffic” gap is very thin. So it usually took about 40 minutes to drive from yellow to green.

I can’t remember why but one day I decided to go on the purple line. The first time was flawless. There were almost no “traffic jam” at all and I made it to the green dot very quickly. The next day I decided to take the purple once again and I’ve got the real deal. It was the longest time, almost an hour and a half. That was the last time I took the purple line. I realized that I made a big mistake by driving on “the school road” during the school ends time. I’ve never been on that road ever since.

The blue line is my current preference, almost zero complain. The most difficult part is the last right turn before the green dot. For those who don’t know, I hate right turn (unless there is a “do turn right” light or it’s the right turn to arrive at destination) and I try very hard to avoid it. But since it is the shortest time to travel from A to B (or yellow to green), it worths going against my ‘no-right-turn’ policy.

There it is, I’ve just spent a Valentine’s afternoon writing a blog about driving. And thank you for spending your time reading. ;)

Happy Valentine’s to all of you.