Windows 7, just curious

I installed Windows 7 just to satisfy my inner-geek’s curiosity.

Windows 7 / 01Windows 7 / 01

Since I’ve already read review after review and even more review about “what’s new” in this version, I didn’t take much time playing with the system. And since I’m such an ego-centric person, I ended up opening my website on the Windows 7 version of IE.

Windows 7 / 02Windows 7 / 02

What is that? My perfectly-fine-on-IE6 website is completely messed up on Windows 7?!?

Windows 7 / 03Windows 7 / 03

Another reason for me to ignore IE. :P

(I really played with the thing and so quickly delete it from the system, I didn’t even get a chance to look at the version of IE. And good thing I have VMware. Heh.)