hong kong, january 2009

Let’s not waste anymore time and start with the photos. :)




And follow by the tweets (with spelling corrections) …

Jan 15

  • 4:08am Time to get up
  • 6:49am In line thru custom … HK, here I come.
  • 11:21am Arrived in HK. No edge (roaming) so don’t have to worry much about cost. :p
  • 12:57pm At the hotel, City View. Heading out for late lunch/early dinner/whatever.
  • 2:19pm CTMA center and the toy street
  • 5:22pm Still walking around yau ma tei. Probably be around here or for tonight.
  • 6:11pm Back at hotel. Rest before real dinner.
  • 9:09pm After dinner walk, which seems to be the best way to move around.
  • 9:18pm So there’s a crazy-asshole kind of driver in HK too, one so far.

Jan 16

  • 7:18am Good morning … Where did I put my legs? -“-
  • 9:50am Done breakfast. Now more shopping for the owl.
  • 10:31am Walking around Sham Shui Po
  • 12:21pm Still haven’t got coffee since morning. Been yawning tv the whole day. -“-
  • 1:38pm Lunch at eat together …
  • 5:48pm Got back at hotel around 4pm and dozed off. Heading out again now.
  • 11:04pm Still walking around yau ma tei. No sign of going back yet. :p
  • 11:07pm HK ppl seem to be walking happily at this hour. My legs’re numb and my feet’ve no feeling already. -“-

Jan 17

  • 9:52am Good morning from HK still. The morning begins a buy bit late today.
  • 11:38am Done lunch (no breakfast). Prepare to head to Man Mo Temple.
  • 4:00pm Continue walking around causeway bay.
  • 7:23pm Come back to mong kok.
  • 8:21pm Watching criminal minds for the first time and like it.

Jan 18

  • 9:41am Good morning. One thing I learn during this trip, iPhone w/ out a data plan is like a calculator that can be used as a phone. -“-
  • 11:37am Waiting for the pick up to the airport. Heading back to the heat. I hate heat.
  • 1:09pm On the bus to the airport. Last moment to enjoy hong kong.
  • 2:28pm At airport. Walking to terminal 2.
  • 2:58pm Free wifi at airport so I use.
  • 5:36pm Goodbye hong kong. I’ll see you again soon. (on the plane)
  • 8:27pm Touched down in bangkok.
  • 10:39pm Home at last
  • 11:41pm before i go to bed, thank you very much for the replies while i was away! :D

geek note: photos are taken in JPEG with slight curve adjustment and custom polaroid action.