Coming Up …

… this weekends, a research/vacation trip.

UPDATE: Since this is not going to happen anymore (for now), I guess I should put the plan up here, as a dry-run of what would be like if I got to go to HK.

So the lady and I planned this research/vacation trip to visit yarn shops in Hong Kong. We thought we might be able to shop around for some good yarns in preparation for holiday season discount — a small treat for the customers.

I still have hope that we can make the trip before Christmas, or we’ll have to take down the “YEAR END DISCOUNT” sign. Or maybe we’ll go Shianghai to get yarns in bulk for “CHINESE NEW YEAR DISCOUNT” instead. ;)

UPDATE 2: And to make it even more official …

CX2700/27 Nov from BKK is cancelled. Please call your local Reservations or Travel Agent to assist with alternate flight arrangements.

Thank you for using our notiFLY service.

Well, at least I’ll get long sleep tonight.