I'm Such a Whiner

Two weeks have past already? Wow…

I have 5 … 6 … no, 7 personal (non-work) emails I need to response. But I either can’t park my brain long enough to response or I just don’t feel like responding. Those aren’t included the unread emails — too many to count. Take that, Inbox Zero.

The new business is totally not my field so I’m totally not in control, which brings quite a lot more stress than usual. And since I am a control freak, the stress seems quadruple or more. This whine is going to end abruptly since it contains, to put it nicely, trade secrets.

Anyway …

By the way, I had a terrible “beginning of the month”. I had to pay 600 baht in order to get into my own office yesterday. -“-

The damn door has a simple, yet tricky locking mechanism. The inside lever must be in a straight up position or the lock might be stuck if open with key from the outside.

Tricky Door LockTricky Door Lock

To further the insult, the fix is so simple I don’t want to call it a fix. The locksmith just used a piece of bent wire to straighten up the lever-thingie and the key just worked. God damn it! I could have just used a cloth hanger!

I don’t think I’ve to mention the economic down turn since you all, dear readers, must have felt it one way or another. And it’s obvious that “things” aren’t going to get better by the end of this year. I don’t even think that 1st quarter next year is going to look any better. So it’s not the best time to invest in (or start) a new business. And the old businesses are not that healthy either. Maybe I’ll need to start growing my own rice soon.

[ Brain talk: Why not just do one thing and make the best out of it? Why do many things and end up just skimming on the surface? ]

Australia will need to wait a while longer. San Francisco will have to wait a lot longer. Not to mention China and Japan, these two will have to move to the “on hold” list. Even Hong Kong needs a long “let me think” moment. I guess next trip will be local.

I really did whine, didn’t I. Too long already.

Okay, take care everyone.