Kidney Problem

This is a second report from the hospital via wordpress on iPhone. (previous entry was the first)

This evening, the relatives and I had decided to move my mother to a private room. She was staying in a four-bed room for a couple of days.

We decided to move her because she started to have a slightly complication. The kidney function is a bit off from normal range.

I learned that prolong diarrhea can cause some type of systematic failure - beginning from kidney. It happens as a result from excessive dehydration.

Right now, they doctor is giving her a couple sets of I.V. along with supplimentary electrolyte. The doctor will come in tomorrow to check the kidney function again. If everything is going on the right track, she should be leaving the hospital in a couple of days. (I hate saying this since last time I couldn’t make it happened.)

Let’s talk more tomorrow.

Reporting live, from the hospital. ;)