Car Statistics

I’ve been using the CR-V for about a year and a half. I’ve also keeping record of the fuel consumption. The number is slightly better than the Accord. (I’ll get back to you on this one tomorrow.) But still, it’s getting worse.

And here’s the number for the Accord.

The best number was during the long drive (e.g. to Pattaya) — 10.82 km/L. The average for the first year was like 8.55 km/L. The average for this year is 8.00 km/L. Maybe my driving habit has changed — getting more aggressive. But I’ll just blame the traffic since it would make me feel better. :P

Anyway since we’re talking statistics, at the cheapest point (during these 18 months), the Gasohol 95 was 24.89 baht. Right now it’s 38.79 baht.

On the other hand, Benzene (Gasoline) 95 was 25.19 baht and now it’s 44.79 baht. (Tomorrow tomorrow the prices will drop 0.60 baht, I think.)

Finally, on average, I fill up 3 times a month at approximately 1,500-1,800 baht each time.

I need to make more money!

P.S. If the current Jazz was available back then, I might have bought it. The Civic, however, is not the option I was looking at.