"i" and the "phone"

I used to tell everyone who asked that I’ll wait until the super phone officially arrived in Bangkok before I buy it. I’ve maintained that thought since the end of June.

… I could no longer maintain that thought.

I’m not going to write “a review” of the phone since it’s all over the interweb already. I’ll tell you about the first five days I’ve spent with “my iPhone” then. Very adventurous, I can tell you that. :)

Let’s talk about it.

Day One

I went to MBK in the morning. I didn’t actually decide to buy the phone. I just want to walk around to check out several shops. I already know about the pricing from the web.

I stopped at one of the shop to play with the phone. It came within 5 minutes — “I will buy this phone”. And I bought the iPhone.

I asked the shop to upgrade the phone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 so I have to wait another hour. Time flied and an hour later, I have “my iPhone”.

There are several things the shop told me “not to do”. (I didn’t tell them that I know what I’m doing).

I didn’t get to do much with the phone on the first day. Just a touch here and there.

Day Two

Had more time to play with the basic functions of the phone. Very impressive. I decided to cancel the Blackberry account immediately.

Also start exploring the unknown regions. Something likes “hacking” around to install more software and ringtones.

Day Three

This is Monday so it’s back to work again. I didn’t get much chance to continue playing with the phone during the day. But I did make up for the lost in the evening.

Despite the fact that I know what I’m doing, I almost destroyed my iPhone. I was playing around with an application called Customize and ended up with no icon on the main screen (SpringBoard). No icon means I cannot access anything at all. The phone is pretty much dead. That sucks.

Anyway, I decided to try to Restore the phone with the original firmware 1.1.1 (meaning, the phone will be locked again). I thought, “if the restore went well, unlocking shouldn’t be difficult”. And I was lucky. I managed to restore and unlock the phone with a little help from the web.

I was very lucky

Day Four

I crashed the iPhone again, twice in 12 hours. I happened while I was installing the modification for local network support. The phone got stuck in the infinite boot loop.

I’ve to retrace last night’s steps to get the phone back up.

However, I wasn’t as successful as last night, I got stuck at the last step (making the phone works with “everyone else”) so I’ve to go through the downgrade-unlock-upgrade-unlock process manually. Anyway, the phone seems to work once again.

So the actual process is more like this (starting with a wrecked 1.1.1).

  1. Downgrade (restore back) to 1.0.2
  2. Escape from the lock with software (it’s all over the web)
  3. Upgrade to 1.1.1
  4. Make the proper modification so that the phone works better with local network
  5. Add Thai Fonts
  6. Add Thai customization (phone number formatting, etc etc)

I will not try anything else anymore. Let’s just use it as is.

Day Five

Everything is back to normal. I think I’m quite adapt to the phone. Let’s talk a bit about the phone’s function.

One of the most interesting function is auto-correct. It works surprisingly well (English only, of course).

Actually, the phone can be set to type Thai with just a bit of modification. But I don’t have any urge to type in Thai on this little keyboard. Ability to read Thai is good enough.

(Since the phone is a Unix-based platform. When I say “modification”, it’s pretty much “upload” the proper files into the phone.)


It’s been many several days since day five. I haven’t upgraded to the latest firmware since the new firmware doesn’t really have anything I need to use. I’d have to say, I’m really happy with the phone. And I’ll end my iPhone chronicle here. Let’s get back to our regular schedule … my absent from my own blog. ;)

Take care~~

(Photos are small because I believe you can find large iPhone photos anywhere, once again, on the interweb. So the photos are there for your eyes to rest from the long text. Hmmm …)