Save the Earth (aka เขียว เขียว)

New theme has arrived.

Things might still look a little strange because green isn’t really my color. But I want to use the green for this design. And the design goddess has done a beautiful job once again.

Now let’s hope that the design goddess drops by and helps me fix the color inconsistency. —” (Something like “links” which currently has the same color as the text itself, which is unwise, which was done by me. heheheh)

Experience: Even with CSS, it’s almost impossible to change the theme without changing the whole HTML code. I might have something to do with my inexperience. ;)

Actually, I want to try out one of the CSS framework. It’s okay but I’m not really impressed.

As for IE, this page looks ugly. I’ll fix later. It’s a low priority. (Hey, it’s a personal page so I don’t have to care that much. You know.)