Weekends Photos

Three of them .. to be exact.

After church, I went to World Trade (Central World, but I still call it World Trade). Kind of hungry so I looked for something to eat. And I happened to walk passed the infamous MOS Burger. The line is short so I decided to give it a try. And the verdict is, I’m going back to Burger King.

On the way back, I received MMS from a certain person, twice actually. From the look, that person could not be much older than 15 years old. I hope she was trying to send the message to her parents. —”

(NO, I am not her parent.)

And once again, my house is playing host to cat (animal), this time two cats. I believe they are romantically involved. Well at least I know what the parents look like if there are small cats running around next month or so. :P

And that concludes my weekends.

Go Vote, it’s next week.