400 baht

They spent all of their money on their cars and gas so they have nothing left to buy the parking permit. (400 baht/month)

awaiting patientlyawaiting patiently

(Even blocking the entrance, waiting, hoping for Lotus employee to allow entry to the parking lot.)

security breachsecurity breach

(They guy in black is probably the branch manager of this car wash location, who is trying to secure the perimeter once again.)

If I were the owner of this Lotus location, I’ll just charge 50 baht/hour parking fee. (So they’ll have to pay 400 baht/day!)

Ingenious Plan: Whoever comes in before 10am and parks for longer than 2 hours will have to pay 50 baht/hour, no maximum charge. Wicked!!! ;)

[ The thing is, Lotus asks non-customer to park out in the sun in order to reserve the parking for their real customer. Which, IMHO, is very fair. But well … ]