Internal Clock

If memory serves, I recall reading an article stating that everyone has an internal clock (and for your reading pleasure, via Wikipeidia). Yes, you and I have an alarm clock lodged somewhere inside our brain. This, so-called, clock has an auto-learning feature. It adapts itself according to our regular schedule.

My stupid (or too clever) inner-clock has learned the following routine.

if (sleep at/or after midnight) {
  wake up at/around 5:20am
  day count = day count + 1
} else if (sleep at/around 9pm) {
  wake up at/around 12:30am

Notice “day count”? That belongs to another routine which says :

if (day count > 6) {
  while (sleep hour < 6) {
    continue sleeping
    sleep hour = sleep hour + 1

The second routine seems to fall into an infinite loop from time to time. I think I’ll need to debug my clock. —”

Wish you all a good night sleep - every night.