All of a sudden, out of the blue, I got sick. Even-though it’s just a common cold, it’s annoying. I think my temperature is in the normal range (hence no headache) but the nose is running like a mad cow. —”

I’ve been in and out of the bed for the past 3 days. Because the side effect of the running nose mediation is drowsiness. And believe me when I say “drowsy”. It’s just like somebody turns off the light switch. … Everything just shuts down.

I’m getting better now but still have to finish the medication. So I’ll continue being “drowsy” for a day or two.

Actually, I didn’t really plan to talk about my drowsiness today. I was thinking about posting a short intro to the new feature on the site. You might have noticed a new block on the right called “What’s Happening”. This part is powered by a service called Twitter. People (from around the world, obviously) send in their “current status” to Twitter where other people can see what other people are up to. … What am I trying to say here?

Anyway, get the concept, you do?

When I first learned about Twitter, I thought to myself — “Self! Here’s how you can update your blog so often without writing a whole lot of things!” Seriously, I’ve been running out of material to write on the blog. I usually update Twitter via GTalk on my BlackBerry so I can post the update pretty much anywhere anytime.

Regular readers might have noticed that I don’t usually write “about myself”. … “Why?” Someone asked.

Because if I start writing about myself, it’ll be one entry for the whole month or maybe even a while year. My life is quite routine, you see. Maybe someday I’ll write one entry about my daily life. Interesting idea, must take note. Hold on …

Have I told you about Twitter and the right-hand widget thing? Yes, I did.

That’s it then. I think I should start working on the theme for the blog now. Please don’t expect to see it anytime soon though. Hehehe .. (You might have noticed that MovableType is back. Don’t ask why. I have no answer.)

Have a nice day.

(I guess you can see how drowsy I am from the way I drowsily wrote this entry. Heheheh)

Personal: Hey Toucalit, did you receive an email from meself? I believe I’ve sent one to you I wasn’t sure that it got through. And by the way, you have so many links. -_-“