What's NEW at Macworld

Steve Jobs gives keynote at Macworld today. So here’s the NEWs …

  • Apple TV [was iTV] - media streaming - $299 - ship February - can order now.
  • iPhone - widescreen iPod + mobile phone + internet communicator - no physical keyboard [virtual keypad/keyboard] - no stylus - multi-finger gestures - run OSX! - sync thru iTunes - 3.5” screen - 11.6mm thin - 2MP camera - 3 sensors (proximity, ambient, orientation) - GSM+EDGE - Quad Band - Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - 5hr battery life / 16hr audio-only - [after an hour of waiting, the price] 4GB @ $499 and 8GB @ $599 [both prices with 2-year Cingular contract] - shipping in June (US) - in Asia in 2008 [me sad]

I guess I can go to bed now. I’ll sum up the rest of the NEWs tomorrow morning.

ADD: Actually, that’s all the NEWs. NO new Macbook, NO new Macbook Pro, NO new Mac Pro ‘Octo’, NO iLife’07, NO iWork’07, NO Leopard talk (which probably leads to NO Microsoft and NO Adobe).

I guess iPhone is big enough to have the whole keynote to itself. Hmmm …