Almost …

Usually, I woke up around 6am. But I don’t usually leave my room until later in the day. But something made me walked out of the room yesterday. On the way down the stairs, I smelled something burning; plastic burning. While I was trying to look for the source of the smell, I heard some sparking. First thing in mind, I looked at the fuse box. … Nothing.

Just to play it safe, I switched off the main breaker and headed out to grab some food for the day.

After I got back from the food hunting, I switched on the main breaker again and waited a while. Everything seems to be okay. I was about to walk back to the room and I heard the sparking and the smell started coming out again. … I was certain.

I had an appointment during the day so I told the mother to get an electician and replace the main junction. Then I went out.

I was back in the afternoon and overheard something along the line of ‘can you just change the burning part?’ I ran upstairs and issued the ultimatum — “Change the whole box.”

And the fun started at 5pm.




3 hours later …



Things I can’t explain:

I usually spend the night at the office a couple of days at a time. However, I’ve been staying at home this whole week. If this thing happened while I was away, nobody will notice until it caught fire.

What made me walk out of the room a couple of hours earlier than usual, just in time to hear the sparking? A couple more hours would result in certain fire.

Coincident? Or the late owner of the house (aka Mr. Daddy) wanted me to save the house from burning down? Or is this some sort of divine intervention? … I have no answer. :)

One thing I’m quite certain — CHECK YOUR WIRING!

Have a good day.