Mating Ritual

Last night, I came across a program on the National Geographic channel called “Wild Sex” (Oh my, this will surely attract the searches.) The program talks about sex in the wild (meaning forest, ocean, etc etc). One of the animal the program talks about is bird.

This particular bird usually has only one mate for life. However during mating season, male bird (let’s call him, Bird-m) will sneak up on other female (let’s call her, Bird-f, who’s not Bird-m’s mate) and forcefully does its business. While that’s happening, the Bird-f’s male mate will also sneak up on other female too. But if Bird-f’s real mate comes back and sees other male bird with his lady, he usually gets very pissed and tries to chase the other male away.

Now I know where some human males get this kind of instinct from. Are we certain that human evolved from apes? Hmmmm .. ;)