Like it or not, the House of Representative has been dissolved (ยุบสภา).

p(alert). This entry has turned political. Be careful.


Just minutes after the news of dissolving, TTV2 (which belongs to The Government’s Public Relation Department) aired this screen …

Abuse Of PowerAbuse Of Power

… with the song “ผู้ชนะสิบทิศ” in the background.

Da hell with that. If he wins again, he can be removed again. Now that, I believe! %(me)I’ve tried very hard to control my feeling these days. But now I’ve lost it.%


“คิดใหม่ ทำใหม่”:http://www.onopen.com/2006/01/353 … this kind of sums it all up and makes it clear that “it’s not only about the stock (and tax)”.