Welcome, officially

First I thought, “I’d better finish the site first before launching.” Then I thought, “Let’s write something while I’m doing the design.” And now I think, “Hey! Why don’t you just do a live redesign?”

And so, here I am, welcoming you all to enjoy my memory trails.

Many things still need to be done.

p(info). This list will be added and crossed out as as we proceed along the development timeline.

  • -DESIGN! As some of you might have noticed, I’m no longer on MovableType. Must learn new way to do templates. I’m really into single column layout right now.-
  • -Make a new “favicon”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon. We’re no longer in a box. I guess I need to look for a bread icon.-
  • Come up with better category names. (This one is pretty much an ongoing process.)
  • Come up with a new word to refer to myself. I guess “I” is still good in English. However, “คุณคนเขียน” always reminds me of thoughtsbox.