Picking Up Where We Left Off

I have to really admit that I never had an intention of closing thoughtsbox at all. However, I felt that I had enough with writing thoughtsbox kind of entries (mainly thoughtsbox was all about pouring my thoughts on the matters, any matters, out without censor).

But I still have a lot to write about!

After about a week of “rethinking” and “repositioning”, I have decided to come up with a new place — this one. This place will not be as active as thoughtsbox used to be during its glorious days. And I am not going to write entries that requires heavy brain functions, especially politics. So you can be certain that I will not talk trash about Thaksin and his slaves, I mean Ministers.

But let me make it clear here: Thaksin sucks and he should be ousted (impeached, fired or whatever word that suit your liking).

p(alert). That will be the only political statement I will make on this blog.

Just as the title says, I will most likely be picking up right from where we left off. So I guess we do not need any more formal introduction. Just a quick hint that I will not be writing alone this time. There will be several guest writers. { That is the plan, anyway. } :)

Please enjoy the new place and thanks for coming back.

Have a good day.