Car Registration in 5 minutes!

Once again, it’s time to pay the car registration tax. Usually I’d just pay via mail — drop off the blue book, the insurance paper and pay the tax at the post office. However, I had a bit of free time in the morning so I decided to just drive to the Transportation Department (aka DMV in the US) and hoped that I’d get it done in half a day.

After arriving at the place, I drove around looking for a parking spot but luck wasn’t on my side. While I’m about to start the second round of parking spot hunting, I spotted a big sign saying something like ‘ของขวัญปีใหม่ ‘49 ต่อทะเบียนโดยไม่ต้องลงจากรถ (Drive Thru Tax)’. Out of curiousity, I looked around and found a small yellow street sign with the word “Drive Thru”. So I followed.

And there it stands, toll-booth-like station (approx. 10 lanes) with big “เลื่อนล้อต่อภาษี” sign on the roof. I almost jumped (almost, because if I jumped, my head would hit the roof of the car).


It took about less than 5 minutes (excludes waiting in line) to get the new registration.

Now if this is one of Thaksin Government’s work, take my compliment.

Have a good day.