Breadcrumb Concept

I’ve to confess that development new blog idea isn’t as easy as I thought. Most important thing is I have to make sure that I’m not creating just another thoughtsbox with a different name.

My original plan for a new blog was really to write a thoughtbox without rant (very difficult) and lower posting rate with higher quality entries (much more difficult!). And then I thought, “Self! You always want to write about traveling and food. Isn’t this a good time?” And that how the new blog got its name.

breadcrumb, a term used frequently in website user interface design, used to “provide a trail for the user to follow back to the starting/entry point of a website”. Hence the phrase “leaving the memory trails”.

But don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to start another food/hotel critique. I’ll just write down my feeling about that particular experience. Beside that, I’ll regularly post about events that leave impression in my memory; that includes news.

Opinion is rather unavoidable. But I’ll make sure that I post my opinion on both side. (Unlike thoughtsbox, I tend to post only one, positive or negative, side.) And when it comes to strong opinion (aka rant), I’ll try to avoid posting that.

So that’s it for the beginning. Now I’ll have to get back to the design and hopefully, breadcrumb will be online very soon. Or maybe I should do a live-redesign. Hmmm…

Have a good day.