Thank You and See You Later

After 4 years and a couple of months (922 entries to be exact), I think I have written enough.

%(me)I started writing online since October 14, 2001 and came to existence on November 24, 2001.%

A big thanks to all the readers who have been dropping by over the years and also to all of your invaluable opinions (both constructive and some-what destructive) you have kindly provided. I really had a blast!

I cannot say whether I will or when will I start writing my thoughts again. But I cannot deny the possibility. ( * hint hint * ) For now, you can always reach me at the usual channels (email and IM) and I will often hang around “in the garden”: ( * hint hint * )

And the time has come; thoughtsbox is now officially closed. Please take good care of yourself and your love ones. Till we meet again.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year.