Situation Update

I’m not going to talk about news because I have less appreciation for the news lately. (Hence, not watching the news at all.)

I’m not going to talk about some loud mouth Minister or for that case, Prime Minister. %(me)I wonder .. How come that Minister is still in the cabinet when everything he proposed got turned down?%

I’m not going to talk about the weather since there’s nothing much too talk about. It’s been raining almost everyday.

What’s left?? … Sushi, the Dog. Sushi (aka ไอ้ชิ) is getting a lot better. Actually, he starts jumping up and down catching flies already. The “external pins”:/tbox/archives/2005/10/22-944.php were removed last Friday and now he only has a small piece of bandage on his leg. I’ll remove it tomorrow.


I think I’ve already spoiled this dog. This is his usual routine everytime he sees me.






That’s all folks!


Have a good day. ;)