And one more thing …

Steve Jobs just announced …


The new “iMac G5”: (it comes with iSight built-in and many more). By the way, I like “Front Row”: Can I get that for my machines? I wonder.


And the new “video-capable” “iPod”: My prediction was way off. :P

%(me)I predicted updates to the Powerbook line since it’s been quite a while after last update. I guess it would be an Intel Powerbook next time. And I also predicted that there will be NO video iPod. Who would think that merely a month after “nano”:, a new iPod will show up?%

Oh, did I mention “iTunes 6”: Forgive me but shouldn’t 5.01 + .01 = 5.02? Well, fine fine .. 5.5. —”

[ addition ]

“Interesting observations”: @ Daring Fireball regarding the new products.