This one should be in sidethoughts but I’d do anything for a new entry right now. ;)

Introducing “Thumbscrew”:, a program which automatically do the following to your photo …



add border

add drop shadow

… all in just one drag-n-drop. Better yet, you can customize every single step! I guess my photoshop action is kinda obsolete already. —”

Here’s one sample for you.



%(me)Original is 1200x1600 and I just drog it on the program’s dialog. Second photo is a PNG because it has tranparent background.%

However, this program is for Macintosh only. Sorry. ;)

[ kinda off-topic ]

Isn’t it irony that the next “Treo”: (a Palm version of Smartphone) is going to run on Windows Mobile? Yes, I’m talking about the Microsoft Windows Mobile. Would the next Palm device run on Palm OS? Or Palm OS is going to be just another BeOS?

%(me)Mind you, this is just an observation from a techie who hasn’t acted like one lately.%

[ really off-topic ]

The dog is doing fine. He starts running already — yep, with those casts still on. I will take some photos tomorrow if I manage to grab my camera on the way down to feed him. Hmmm …

Okay, dog’s photo. I’m not quite certain but I think the dog is still a bit sick. However, I can’t seem to make it stop moving for more than 1 second. Good sign, I guess.


p=. yep, he’s actually running!


p=. the only time he stops, he’s peeing. —”




p=. the only still parts are the legs.


p=. staring at his own pee-pee. :P


p=. first time was red, second was blue and now it’s pink. ;)



p=. “helluuuu+”


p=. “enough? i wanna run more already.”

The dog doctor said he’ll have to be bundled up for 2 more weeks. Then everything should be almost back to normal. %(me)”Almost” because one leg will be a bit shorter than the other.%

[ totally off-topic ]

How come when I see Don Morrow (CBS’s NUMB3RS), he reminds me of a calmer Fox Mulder (Fox’s The X-Files)? And when I see Gregory House (Fox’s House, M.D.), he reminds me of a grumpy Gil Grissom (CBS’s CSI)? … It’s just me. :P

And thanks to “aRtie”:, I’m watching all of my favorite series just a couple days after airing in the US. Cool!

Have a nice day.