A Gift from the Almighty

Latest Bday gift from the Almighty …



To make the story short, I’ve found this injured dog and decided to adopt it. It will take a while to recover but I’ll make sure the little guy is happy. ;)

By the way, this little guy doesn’t really have a name yet. Would you like to name him? %(me)I named him “Luck” when filled in the hospital form. But may be you guys could come up with a better name.%

Have a good day~

[ addition ]

A question came up … “How old are you?” I’m 26. The number stops at 26. ;)

[ addition ]

On an unrelated matter, “iPod nano”:http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/ … in real life! It is beautiful!


And look at that!! My thumb is almost bigger than the wheel-thingie!!


But don’t be jealous. It’s not for myself. :P