In the News #2

h3. Severe Drought

After several rain-making attempts had failed, His Majesty the King is now taking over. The King has set up a center for rain-making at his Hua Hin residence which he’ll personally command the nationwide rain-making effort. … Best news so far.

According to the news, the situation in 63 provinces are critical. %(me)Thailand has 76 provinces, in case the reader forgot.%

h3. Reckless or Accident?

I know I shouldn’t be talking about this one so I’ll try to make it brief.

A 6 years old kid was on a motorcycle with his dad on their way back from school. Somewhere on the road, his dad made a sudden move to avoid people crossing the street. He managed to avoid the people but ended up seriously injured. The worst, his son’s head was crushed by the bus leaving from the bus stop. … The police says the bus driver will be charged with reckless driving.

Did I miss something? Why blaming the bus driver? %(me)Mind you, I usually hate 99.5 percent of the bus drivers.%

h3. Too Young to be a Thief

A short follow up of the “young thief” story (previous entry), local MP (ส.ส. เขตดอนเมือง .. คนนั้นแหละคุณ ๆ) went to negotiate with the store owner the next day. The MP asked the owner not to file charge against the kid — because he’s still a kid. … Great!

Store owners beware, kids can steal. —” %(me)I know .. I’m overstating.%

h3. Super What?

In case some of you guys missed out on the news …


Did I hear someone said “… great artists steal”, hmmmm?

Okay .. keep yourself healthy, save some waters, save some gas. But please don’t always drive at 90 Km/h, it’s annoying. ;) %(me)Trust me, not every cars have optimal gas consumption when running at 90.%

Have a nice day.