General Complains

I am reluctant to put #1 at the end of the title. But I’m afraid this is not the last of my general complains. %(me)obviously, not the first%

h3. [Was] Confusing Line-up

I was going to write about the new UBC’s confusing channels line-up. But then I realized that I couldn’t access most of the new channels because they’re only available in the premium package. And since I can’t see any reason to subscribe to the premium package (9-10 more channels from my current 30+), I shall rest my case then.

Talking about 30+ channels, I don’t I’ve managed to see half of them.

One thing though, is it time to upgrade the receiver system? With DirecTV when I was back in the US, I can rearrange the channels line-up; program the receiver so that I can record the future shows when I was out of the room, etc etc. And that was 6-7 years ago. UBC system is so primitive that I can only set a reminder for the “next program”. %(me)I must also turn on the TV and watch the screen at the right time. Why? Because the so-called “reminder dialog box” only show up on screen, asking permission to change channel. If I didn’t do anything, it just stays there. Oh I forgot! It’s a reminder not an alarm!!%

Opps, too long.

h3. Too Many Add-Ons

Have you guys ever noticed that Thai weblogs (aka diaries) have so many add-ons? I think I’ve seen everything from flash animation to embedded music (all sort of formats). I can live with most of the add-ons except one thing — embedded music (or background song). “Isn’t that neat?” some of you might ask. Well, I could say that it’s nice, cool, etc.

Just one problem though, I don’t want to hear that music. Seriously, what’s wrong with posting a link to the music and let the readers decide whether they want to hear it or not? To make the matter worse, the browser will download the file (by default) if I don’t have the program that supports the music formats (such as Real). Now I have a lot of junks on my desktop. That’s not cool.

“Just click on the ‘stop’ button”, some of you might say. Yes, I can do that. But I don’t want to! I actually do one of the 2 things; either turns off the speaker or not visit that particular site (w/ embedded music) anymore. … A lot more convenient to me, I believe.

I’ve more complains but I think I’ll keep them for later installments.

Have a nice day!

Update (Mar 5, 10:48 AM): It’s official, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva is now the new Democrat leader and Mr. Governer, Apirak Kosayothin, is second-in-command. Cool. ;)

Update (11:52 AM): The weather here has gone mad. Yesterday was like sitting in the middle of Mojave Desert (extremely hot). Today feels like early summer in San Francisco (rather cold). I think I saw some light sweaters when I went out for lunch a while ago. —”