The Dark(er) Age Has Begun

The “poll result”: is not 100%[1] yet but It’s quite clear. The Prime Misnister is STILL the same one. I used to say that the B of the US and the T of Siam has something in common. The poll result confirms my believe — They ride the popularity. They are cocky. And most importantly, they cheat. —”

As of now (10:50am, 60% counted), TRT will have 373 seats in the parliament so a single-party goverment is very much possible. With the opposition of about 126[2], it’s pretty much a crippled.

h3. If We Win, We’re Good

In most of the provinces that TRT win, TRT says “… because the people love us. They like what we’ve done.” But in the South where Democrat is still in control (mostly), TRT says “… not because the people like them but because of the still-unsettled situation in the South.” Hmmm … Interesting.

%(me)Yes, agree. They people love you, TRT. The people love your money.%

h3. Post-Election Wrap Up

There is approximately 75% of the voters turn up for this election. (76% in the North, 75% in the North-East, 79% in Central, 77% in the South … and 72% in Bangkok). Voters turn up during the previous election is about 68-69% according to the news.

During a “political discussion” with the cab driver on Saturday, he said “รู้ว่าโกงเยอะ แต่ผมก็จะเลือก เพราะถ้าเลือกคนอื่นที่โกงน้อยกว่า ก็ไม่มีเงินใช้ เลือกคนโกงแต่ให้เงินใช้ดีกว่า”[3] … I believe many people who voted for TRT would agree with the driver.

And in case some of the reader missed previous entry’s comments …

bq.. aRtie: To be honest, I don’t have a chance to vote.. I got the mail on Jan 25 and I open it on the next day.. It suggest me send my vote back no later than Jan25 (duh !!). I guess it would need 7 days (for sure) to be send to Thai embassy located in L.A. then the result will be send to each Election location in Thailand whichi will take like another 7-10 days..

p. That’s one way of wasting the election budget. Good job, the Election Committee. Or is it the Embassy?

That’s it for today, the first day of -the “second”- +”another”+[4] Dark Age. %(me)My bad, it was late at night and I was very pissed. ;)%

Have a good day.

%(me)I almost put this entry in rant instead of politics. :P%

fn1. There will be re-election in several units. Some because many people are left out - the Election Committee didn’t provide enough ballots (sheets of paper or a card used to cast or register a vote, especially a secret one.). But in many units, the total of the marked ballots is more than the number of the voters. How? I don’t know!

fn2. Last time, the Democrat alone has 128, I believe.

fn3. I believe the driver is talking about “กองทุนหมู่บ้าน”, one of the popularist handouts from T’s previous government. And yes, that’s the exact words from the driver. I wrote them down on paper. —”

fn4. According to “no-i”:

Update: Readers, please post your opinions. Positive or negative, you’re free to express. I’d love to hear what you think about the result. Let’s chat. ;)