Dear Readers,

I’ve been rather busy during the past week. Running a couple of projects simultaneously kinda consume most of my awaking time. Anyway, first phase was done this morning. Now I’m waiting for the clients’ comments and modification requests. So I think I’ll have about a week to myself.

By the way, 2 of the 3 intranet projects I am currently working on have something to do with customers database. The other one has to do with employee knowledge base (used by call center people). Hmmm … CRM is coming back?

-Oh, I have to do this. But first, I’m not urging, not guiding, not buying any vote. The decision is yours to make. I just like the number. :P-


-Also you don’t need to ask me, “Which party/number are you going to vote for?” I guess no explanation is needed. I’m stating the obvious here. ;)-

It’s this Sunday, the Election day, from 8am to 3pm. Don’t forget to go out and vote.

h3. in response to

bq.. aRtie: ก็เดียวพอขึ้นสมัยที่สองก็ร่างรัฐธรรมนูญใหม่ไง .. (มันก็มีความเป็นไปได้อยู่?)

p. Agree, it’s possible. But I hope that won’t happen. I’m still standing by my old prediction — mid-2006 and we should see some changes in the political arena. But who knows, this political party and its leader seem to have a lot of luck on their side. They might be riding the popularity wave smoothly untill 2009. %(me)Me knocking, really hard, on the wood.%

Hey aRtie, please keep us update regarding the election process over there. I really want to know how it goes. It’s all quiet over here.

bq.. no-i: really? so right now there’s the 2-term limit for the prime-ministership? really?

p. Yep, two terms according to the new constitution. I still don’t think that it can be changed easily. But with huge number of majority, anything can happen.

Have a good day …

Update: After I submitted the post, I just noticed that today’s “quote o’ the day” is …

bq.. “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” — John F. Kennedy

p. I swear that it is a coincident. —”

Update 2/6: Today at 8:30am, I voted. :D