In a Day

If you have to spend time on the road during 7-9am or 6-10pm, you’ll agree that the traffic is unforgiving. But I guess that’s the price I have to pay if I want to live in the city.

h3. Down (MRT)

I can’t help asking, “what’s going on during the last couple months?” There has been quite a number of tragedies happened in this country (and certainly, the world).

The latest freak accident happened yesterday morning, during late rush hours (9am), when an empty train ran backward and crashed into another train full of passengers. The preliminary inspection points to human-error. %(me)Long story, please “check out”: t/news/2005/01-18/p1-16097660. html some of the thai newspaper for [“more details”:http://www.thairath.c 18/p1_1.php].%

Question: Did we run enough system tests? Did the train operators have enough training? Did the government push the system too much (the opening was 4 months ahead of schedule)?

Anyway, MRT will be closed for a week for thorough inspection.

h3. Up (Siam - Chidlom Skywalk)

I had a little free time yesterday afternoon so I decided to pay a visit to Skywalk, the new elevated-walkway right in the middle of Bangkok.

!-/gallery /misc/skywalk_02.jpg!

The walkway establishes a direct connection between Siam Square BTS Station and Chidlom BTS Station. It took me about 15 minutes of slow walk to get from Siam to Chidlom. Fortunately, it wasn’t a hot day.

!-/gallery /misc/skywalk_01.jpg!

!-/gallery /misc/skywalk_03.jpg!

… almost perfect.

If I want to get from Siam Discovery to Central Chidlom, I have to walk into Siam BTS and out %(me)same station, pay 10 baht% then walk 15 minutes to Chidlom. Then I have to walk into Chidlom BTS and out %(me)same station, another 10 baht% in order to get to Central Chidlom connection.

Question: Why do I have to pay 20 baht to walk?

Alternatively I can walk down to street level at Discovery, stroll short distance to the other side of the BTS station (so I don’t have to pay the fee) and walk back up to Skywalk. Then when I arrive at Chidlom, I walk down to street level again and walk into 1st floor of Central Chidlom. … I think I’ll just take BTS. :P

%(me)Don’t take this one too seriously. I’m just expressing viewpoint of a person who prefers walking, horizontally. ;)%

h3. the “Pod”

After the “walking trip”, I stopped by one of the Apple reseller. There, I found some very interesting gadgets. First, a bigger FM transmitter for the iPod that supposes to send stronger signal to the receiver unit. This should result in better quality output to the stereo (this case, the one in my Accord). … Unfortunately, it does not work with 2G iPod, the one I have.

%(me)Jaam, I might not need to buy a new car (just for listening to the iPod) after all. I just need a new iPod. —”%

I also came across a “Media Reader” extension for iPod. This thing allows iPod to read and transfer data from many types of removable media, a very handy thing for photographers. … Unfortunately, it does not work with the 2G iPod, the one I have.

%(me)”2nd Gen iPod”: systems/apple/consumer_electro nics/stats/ipod.html (touch wheel) has no Dock so extension is quite impossible.%

I also had a chance to lay my hands on the iPod Photo while I was at the store. “Gorgeous” is the word I choose to describe the thing. The color screen looks very niceee. This and the “Media reader” are the excellent add-ons for photographers. The combo adds huge storage capacity. -, along with the ability to preview photos in full colors.- +I was wrong. You can only store photos on iPod (transferred by Media Reader) but you cannot preview. You can only view the photos that have been processed by iTunes (meaning, viewable photos must be transferred to iPod via synchronization).+

… I sound like an iPod salesman.

Nope, this does not imply that I am buying a new iPod - not now or in the foreseeable future anyway. The one I have is still working perfectly. But I am not denying the possibility. :D

Update 01/19 @ 07:31 PM

I dropped by another Apple reseller today and found the Shuffle. +(The unit was imported from the US, only one. The Apple store I frequently visit %(me)”MiniMAC and Mac Studio”:, both at Fortune Mall — nice and knowledgeable people, highly recommend% can’t tell when they’ll have the thing in stock. But they think they’ll have some around the end of this month.)+ It’s small, lightweight and it’s white. :)

!-/gallery /pbox_images/photo-20050119-10 5353-0.jpg!

… 2 more “Shuffle” photos in “pbox_images”:/pbox/.

Update 01/20 @ 12:40 AM

If you already have an iPod and you really want to have “iPod Shuffle” real bad, just “follow these simple instructions”:http://www.flick You won’t get “lightweight” feeling. Certainly, you won’t get the “small” look. But you’ll get the “[“uncertainty”:]” feeling. ;)

That’s all for today. Stay safe, dear readers. If you have to spend time on the road during 7-9am or 6-10pm, you’ll agree that the traffic is unforgiving. But I guess that’s the price I have to pay if I want to live in the city. h3. Down (MRT) I can’t help asking, “what’s going on during the …