This morning, I was joking about the early earthquake in Sumatra (Indonesia). News said the quake is so massive (8.9 Richter), some people in Bangkok felt the ground shaken. I said the only feeling I have in the morning is .. feeling hungry.

Then I went out shopping (gifts / books / etc etc) …

On the way back, I heard on the radio that it wasn’t just a big earthquake. After a high magnitude earthquake, several things happen. On land, the ground might split apart, the buildings might collapse. In the ocean, the quake causes massive shock waves which result in “tidal wave”:http://www.geophys.washington.edu/tsunami/general/physics/meaning.html (aka tsunami). The wave approaches the land so fast people don’t have time to get to safety. … You can fill in the rest of the story.

This is no joke anymore …

Still no confirmation on casualties in the South of Thailand but the overall “death”: “toll”:http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/12/26/asia.quake/index.html in South East Asia is very high already.

Very bad way to end the year.

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