My Very Own Gundam

I guess most of my readers know “Gundam”: , a japanese science fiction series featuring giant robots at war. %(me)a very very short description% The series used to be my favorite anime for a while when I was young.

Last weekends I stopped by the toy section at a nearby mall and decided to pick up a Gundam model kit - after a couple weeks of “No, I don’t have the patience to put this thing together” excuse.


After a couple of hours (3 hours to be exact), I realized that I forgot to take some snapshots of the process. I came this far …


Then I continued with the ‘Core Fighter’. This part can be transformed into the mid section of the robot.


A quick snap before the transformation. I guess my model will stay in the ‘Robot’ form.


First, transform the ‘Core Fighter’ into the ‘Core Brock’ (according to the assembly guide).


Now .. ‘Docking’



This is the very first model I’ve completed successfully. As I recalled, I’ve never been able to put this kind of model kit together at all in my life. I tended to break some of the plastics parts, glued together wrong pieces, etc etc. This one took me about 8 hours to complete — very long!



Anyway, I’m happy now. Going back to reading. :)

Next time I’ll talk about “The Da Vinci Code”. ;)

Echo from the past

bq.. aRtie on Wed | 04/07/2004 @ 03:04 PM

any idea about fitness in SF ?


bq.. ooksf on Tue | 04/20/2004 @ 11:40 AM

aRtie …

we play soccer every sunday(field location varies), tennis courts are free, a lot of hills to walk over (yes, Mr. Mac), around Lake Merced or Golden Gate Park, or Marina let you do quite a few workouts, or if you would like incentives, then Fitness USA ($30 a month) in Stonestown, or 24-Hour Fitness all over. For basketball, every Saturday 4PM at USF gym, with Thai students. Also, midnight soccer (sometimes) at Broadway and Montgomery, in a gym.

Sorry P Mac for too much writing here ;p