Traffic … From the Eye of T610

Been on the road as a passenger one day, I decided to utilize the camera on my T610. Being who I am, I took the photos of something I can complain about — traffic . :)

Only a couple today, the camera on T610 is far from perfect so I lost all the fun rather quickly. The first 2 is from a cab (taxi) who might have something wrong with his alignment. He’s been driving on the dividing line long enough for someone to honk at him.



… not that anything happened though. He still kept driving on the line. :)

The second set is a common behavior for bus drivers. They come at you from the right, complete stop in front of you (to drop off the passengers — in the middle of the road), then fly off to the right again. The left lane is for “waiting buses” (those mini-buses).





Finally, you’ll not see anything in this picture (which i blame the T610). This is not just a traffic jam, there’s a car blocking the traffic on the left lane — coming from an opposite direction. This happened on the road by the side of MBK. It’s a 3 lanes road - 2 coming toward me and 1 goes the other way. The Mercedez on the left decided to take a shortcut because she didn’t want to wait in line. But when the light turned red, she has no where to go. So she has to wait there, on the left lane. I really wish I had my better camera with me. Hmmm!


… No! I don’t mean to bash other lady-drivers, many male-drivers do this too. Shame on them!!

PS. Good thing I didn’t buy the T610 because of the built-in camera (but for Bluetooth). I’d be so disappointed.

PS. I’m complaining - how good a driver I am? Say … I had to drop a person off at a hospital. The person was in a great pain. I never cut in front of any other cars. I drove at