Progress .. Process

Due to the reader’s complain about me writing in English, I decided to keep on going. … Why not? I really do enjoy this. :)

%(me)Now, will you believe me that I really know ways to drive customers/clients away?%

The migration from my original TBOX code to “MovableType”: is somewhere around 60-70% done. I still can’t get the template renders the way I want yet but that’s fine. Now I’ll move to work on the archiving part of the code. It’s not difficult but it’s kinda tricky.

By the way, TBOX entires are now all the way back to the beginning - October 13, 2001. %(me)Who cares anyway? :P%

A little news to talk about. The Education Ministry has this idea of completely getting rid of Entrance Examination %(me)that’s when you move from highschool to the university of your choice% . His idea is to rely on the average GPA of each student to get admitted to the U. The problem is, he wants to begins immediately, meaning this upcoming Entrance Exam. They will start with only 10% of the average GPA this year, then 25% next year and finally 100% GPA.

Quite a number of people are not in favor of this decision, especially the kids who are going to take the exam this year. That is quite understandable. Most of them, if not all, have been thinking that they will take thier chances with the exam. Isn’t this too late to tell them that they need a good GPA too?

But actually I like the idea though. The only problem is standard . How could we be certain that the GPA from each and every schools are being calculate from the same basis?

%(me)There’s a way but I’ll leave that for the discussion. I hope the Readers will discuss. :)%