Master of All Evils

It would be very strange if I don’t mention the capture of Saddam Hussein which took place a couple of days ago. But I don’t really want to talk about it so I’ll just make it brief.

The capture might be the best thing ever happns to the world but I don’t really feel happy about that. Not because I don’t care about what Saddam has done in the past or how bad the American claims about him. But because I don’t like George W Bush’s actions on this matter. I just don’t like anything military the US has done at the moment. … Or maybe I don’t like it because the President is a Republican, not Democrat. :P

One thing though, I still don’t see any real weapon of mass destruction coming out from Iraq yet. The only direction I see WMD coming out from is the US.

Being a dictator might be called an evil, but being a LIAR %(me)I wish I can find the word “ตอแหล” in English at the moment% is the master of all evil. IMHO.