Blogging System

After a short discussion brought up by “พี่หมี”: a couple days ago, I began my quest for The Blog .

The Blog in this context means a relatively easy to use blogging system (interface) with an easy way of making and changing the templates (layout, style, theme or whatever you want to call it). I came across several interesting applications however they don’t really fit into my requirements.

“MT 2.64”: %(rem)(Perl/Berkeley DB (file) or Perl/MySQL)% has a very nice blog entry organizing backend however the templating requires some learning. Also, I don’t like it when the system stores HTML files on the server. It consumes more and more space as the blog grows. %(me)Actually, it consumes both database space and disk space.% … There’s one good point though, search engines love it.

“pMachineFree 2.3”: %(rem)(PHP/MySQL)% looks very promising. However, the system is somewhat overkilled.

“WordPress .72”: %(rem)(PHP/MySQL)% is nice but I don’t think it’s built with international language in mind. The backend is coded with iso-8859-1 charset and Georgia as the font for the interface. … Too many changes to make, too lazy to do. I hope there’ll be some changes in the upcoming version (.80). Also heard that they’ll add “Smarty”: .

I’m not going to talk about “GM”: . I’m not a big fan of the software. :)

As for my own code, I love it but it’s not very “portable”. It’s more like a customized software. %(rem)Meaning: everything is tying to each other.% So there’s nothing to show-off about. %(me)But it does the job very well!%

Finally, I try thing the unusual way — MT + Smarty %(rem)certainly with PHP% . I’ve seen other people doing MT + Smarty in the past but most of them use Smarty to render static pages, i.e. still relying on MT to rebuild the pages and also consume disk space. I don’t like that. So I came up with version of my own, using PHP/Smarty to render the page dynamically (per request). It’s an early alpha now and I kinda like it already. The templating is kinda easy too (I think).

Who knows, I might completely ditch my own code and convert to MT-PHP. :)