Seasonal Changes

OMG, it’s November already! TBOX will be one year older. %(me)The Author will be lazier% … This calls for some changes.

First thing, I’ll no longer using my own template-engine. TBOX will now be rendered using “Smarty”: — enough with re-inventing the wheel. :)

… I’m still using my own backend code though. Too lazy to convert the old database to something else.

Second thing, TBOX is blue. (obviously, isn’t it?) Actually, I plan to change the color every now and then. Bare with me when you see “strange” colors, I’m kinda color-blind. :P

Last but not least, you’ll see errors every once in a while — most of the codes need rewritten. Sorry for the inconvenience! :D

%(me)On the color issue, I don’t like green anyway. Actually, I think orange will come back someday.%