Okay, today is “Panther”:http://www.apple.com/macosx/ day.

Don’t expect much excitement though, the Mac OS X.3 still carries the same interface as its predecessor. Well, almost. Finder has Brush interface (Safari-like) now. I don’t really like it though. I prefer the Aqua one.

Anyway, the overall speed of my iBook is noticeably faster. %(me)No, not because I just installed the OS. May I remind you this is not Windows. The speed doesn’t degrade. My experience, anyway.% My new favorite feature is Expose . What it does? It exposes. :)

Come Come .. Have a look.




[img=CORRECTION: Alt-Tab presents you WITH a transparent list of all active applications.]/gallery/panther/alttab.png!


Other new features can be found all over the web so I’m not going to write about them. Not that many people here want to know anyway. :P

By the way, where is KeyCap ? Grrrrr…!