re-SARS (or SARS re-re-re-visted)

After the latest announcement from the Chinese goverment (and the Bush-Saddam matter has begun to quiet down), SARS is back in focus again. The annoucement confirms the WHO’s worst fear — the Chinese (maybe not the whole goverment) has been covering up many facts regarding the SARS situation. Hopefully, they will be giving out facts more often. Also, there were reported cases in Hong Kong, suspecting that the SARS Corona might have been mutated. The dead toll doesn’t only include the old and the weak anymore. Now the young and healthy died too.

Still, Thai government seems to be in control of the situation. There are reports of SARS suspects every once in a while but every cases were declared no-SARS.

MSNBC’s article, “Tracking SARS”: , has many good information worth your visit.

Stay healthy now. :)

%(me)In the Middle-east, it has become Bush: My Bomb, My Oil matter.

And on the side note, - NO weapon-of-mass-destruction were found, yet. - NO chemical/biological weapon were found, yet. - NO solid evidence to proof any of the US government’s claims, yet.

It’s all BS. It’s all about oil (and retirement fund for the Bush & Co.)%