Did Nostradamus Predict SARS?

When something happens somewhere in the world and it has the effects on the global scale, the name Nostradamus always appears in the context. The-Writer (คุณคนเขียน หนะแหละ) came across “this article”:http://www.100megsfree4.com/farshores/jd0415.htm by accident. The-Readers (ก็ คุณ ๆ คนอ่าน นั่นเอง) might find this interesting (or may be not). One thing The-Writer can say for a certain, this guy really has a great imagination. :P

bq.. Did Nostradamus Predict SARS? (James Donahue)

“The great plague of the maritime city Will not cease until there be avenged the death Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, Of the great lady outraged by pretense.” Century II, 53

A careful study of the verses gives all indications that he was writing about a killer disease that would start in a major port city and spread throughout the world. It would be a condemnation of avenging “for a price without crime.” It would strike “the great lady outraged by pretense.”

The appearance of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) at the very time the United States went against the wishes of the rest of the world to attack Iraq, without provocation, suggests that America is the target, and SARS is the plague.

SARS was first detected in Hong Kong, one of the great port cities of the Far East. It has been a killer virus, bringing great illness and death to thousands as it sweeps the planet. The disease has hit commercial interests, forcing people to stay home rather than travel.

The quatrain states that the disease “will not cease until there be avenged the death of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime.”

President George W. Bush ordered an attack on Iraq and the murder of that country’s leader, Saddam Hussein, because he claimed Hussein refused to give up his so-called “weapons of mass destruction.” Hussein claimed that he didn’t have an arsenal of such weapons. His army’s futile attempt to fight off the United States military forces sweeping his country have proven this. He didn’t use such weapons because he didn’t have them.

Yet this was our first excuse for defying the vote of the United Nations Security Council and attacking Iraq on our own. After it seemed obvious that Hussein was telling us the truth about his weaponry, the motive for our actions suddenly changed to that of “liberating the Iraqi people” from Hussein’s evil dictatorship.

But if that is the reason, then the United States needs to continue attacking nations of the world ruled by similar types of government.

So is Hussein the just blood that was condemned for a price without crime? He certainly fits that description. There is some question at the time I write these words whether Hussein is dead or alive, but it is possible that many members of his family have been killed in our bombing raids. I have no doubt that Bush will not stop the attacks until he is satisfied that Hussein is dead.

The many emigrants who came by ship to this country from Europe referred to the Statue of Liberty, standing at the entrance to New York harbor, as a “great lady.” That image has been imprinted on the minds of Americans, much like the head of the Bald Eagle, as a symbol of our nation.

Thus the Nostradamus line that suggests the disease is an attack on “the great lady outraged by pretense” certainly implies it is an attack on America. It is a poetic way of expressing the feeling the “great lady” would react if she were a living figure, and understood the pretense by which our attack on Iraq was carried out.

Whether SARS was a freak of nature, or a planted biological weapon, it seems to be taking its toll. It has the medical world worried. The Bush Administration is concerned enough to have ordered the areas where the disease appears to be quarantined.

Because it is a virus, antibiotics are ineffective. There seems to be no known treatment other than let our body’s natural immune system fight it off. It is killing the weak, sick and elderly. If the death ratio is as severe as one out of 30, as an early World Health Organization report states, we can expect it be a devastating killer.

If it is a judgment on America, however, I have to wonder why the rest of the world must also pay the price. Is it because the other’s didn’t raise a finger to stop us?