war for money, anyone?

okay, just saw this one on “the onion”:http://www.theonion.com/onion3908/bush_offers_taxpayers.html …

bq.. WASHINGTON, DCAmid growing anti-war protests and polls indicating eroding public support for an invasion of Iraq, President Bush is offering U.S. taxpayers a rebate in the amount of USD300 if we go to war.

“My proposed tax rebate will serve to stimulate the economy,” said Bush, waving a sample check made out to John Q. Public at a White House press conference Monday. “Americans will get a generous infusion of cash that can be used however they chooseall in return for simply supporting a first strike against Iraq. Now, who wouldn’t want an extra USD300 in their pocket next month?”


now, this is not serious, rite? that guy (who happens to be the president of the united states) is so desperate, he’s bribing the country to support his war campaign?!? me wondering, did this happen in florida 3 years ago too? hmmm ….

%(me)also, the money-for-everything policy sounds so familiar once again.%