in response to your comments

i’m glad the fridge at my place did waste some of your time, guessing its content. i would be a lot better (and easier for you to guess) if it’s cleaner. … i’m thinking about buying my own little fridge and put my stuffs in there. i think it would be a very empty fridge - since i’ll finish consuming most of the things before they got chance to go into the fridge. :P

as for the situation in thailand, i guess all we can do is wait and see (just like the other situations in the past) and also hoping that our names will not appear on the blacklist . i really don’t know what to say anymore because everything that i say will end up with — ‘dead people can’t talk’.

“khun mali”: : i guess only you and i (when i drop out to IE/OS9) have the problem with thai here. as mentioned yesterday, i give up. either the truth is NOT out there or it doesn’t want to present itself to me. so sad … :’(